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Carola’s triple threat: Dj, Producer, A&R

Carola strikes again – this time not merely as a dj, neither mainly as a producer. This time folks are her a&r skills that are at the forefront, yes they are. As many of you may know, it’s years she’s running a delightful vinyl-only label, Claque Musique. Better said: it’s not years, it’s a decade right now! Ten years! Cheers, Carola. Cheers twice, because you’ve set up – along with the leading electronic music magazine in Italy, Soundwall – a terrific podcast (assembled by her long time friend and collaborator Andrea Introvigne) that sums up some of the best moments the label has experienced so far. Therefore, some amazing moments that WE have experienced so far…

Wanna check? Wanne take a listen? You definitely should.

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