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Nick Anthony Simoncino RAW & ON FIRE

Nick Anthony Simoncino is getting really busy these weeks.
Not only by mid April we’ll see the release of his album on the well revered Vibraphone label; in the meantime while playing all around (venues such as Fabric London and Berghain included) he’s found the time to deliver a great remix treatment for Dj Soch’s “Raw Mano”.
Soundwall, Italy’s most authoritative web magazine for electronic music, wanted to premiere it.

So if you wanna check and listen, this is where you have to go:


You may have an idea of what’s circling within the Italian scene (Puas Puas is a Roman label well connected to the Städlin store, a place you should definitely check; Dj Soch is one of the residents of Serendipity club, a real gem in the Italian clubbing scene in Foligno, not far from Perugia and Assisi).