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Nick Anthony Simoncino RELEASES and SUSTAINS

Busy as ever, Nick Anthony Simoncino. While hopping on off throughout the best clubs in Europe (recently, he deejayed at a place you may’ve heard of, a thing called Panorama Bar in a club called Berghain, just for instance), he’s ready to drop a few releases. The most important one is still on the pipeline, we mean his long awaited album (still a couple of months to go, before the actual release).

But in the meantime he was asked by the Release/Substain label to join an all star line on the “Nightfall And Other Stories” EP. Released planned by the 8th of March, it sees Simoncino delivering his usual, amazing skills, with that “timeless feel” that’s becoming really a signature of his own. The rest of the artistry involved is ace, as it goes by the likes of Vakula, Vincent Floyd, Reggie Dokes). Want a taster?