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THE GREAT NAPLES HERITAGE (our Carola is a part of it)

The Southern Italy branch of Italian’s most sold daily newspaper, Corriere della Sera, dedicated an entire page to the amazing talents hailing from Naples rocking the club culture all over the world. Don’t take this as something usual and predictable: it’s not that common that national newspapers cover topics related to dance and electronic music as they tend to be, let’s put like this, slightly conservative when it’s about choosing topics.

But if something is good, it’s good. If something is strong, it’s strong. And the Neapolitan electronic music movement is strong indeed, be it the most exposed and pumping techno/house side of it (led by Joseph Capriati and Marco Carola) up to the experimetal ventures of the greatest, true pioneers of IDM. Somewhere in the middle, is where you can find our amazing Carola Pisaturo. Though living since several years in Rome, she’s been definitely a key player in Naples for so many years – and that’s still widely recognised. If you want to give a read, practicing your Italian text comprehension skills:

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