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“This makes so proud”: RALF & Orchestra Sinfonica Rossini

We’re running through complicated times. No need to explain. Our lives have changed. As an artist and dj, I went from travelling every weekend (and, in in the summertime, almost every single day) to almost – nothing. Respecting all the local laws, I manage to do some gigs. But it’s slightly different from the “normal” thing. I didn’t surrender to this difference. I used it as a spark for new inspiration. And I’m really, really proud of what was created.

Me. An orchestra (the well revered Orchestra Sinfonica Rossini). Its strings. Its horns. Its power. Its class. We joined forces, and we happened to reworks some great chunks of electronic music, be it my very own creations, some collaborative efforts, some classics from some friends of mine released on Laterra. If you want a small glimpse of how it works, see below. Once again: all this makes me so, so proud. Looking forward to bringing this show in selected venues: we had a premiere In Pesaro, now it’s up to Milan and its magnificent Castello Sforzesco, the 4th of September. Hopefully, more to come. Enjoy. As I’ve enjoyed it…