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Why CAROLA PISATURO has cancelled all recent gigs

A few words from Carola herself, about why she’s suddenly slowed down – or better said, stopped – her dj duties these weeks. Please read, we couldn’t be happier to hear all this, believe us! We’re delighted, to say at least!!

“A few words about the last significant cancellations of these past weeks, including Madrid and Bergamo this week: I do apologize with the clubs, the promoters and anyone who has been waiting for me. Many of you have been worrying a lot about these “health reasons” (…thanks! ). The truth is that lately (and I’m still in a very delicate phase) I am dealing with new and unexpected beats happening in my body (yes, you’ve got it!). I therefore must, on medical advice, deal with this happy news with utmost care, observing a period of absolute rest. It was something long desired and sought: I can’t say I had lost hope, but this came just when I least expected it, in the height of summer, forcing me to change all plans and challenging everyone who’s been working with me. For this reason, I would like to thank everyone at Cocoon, LATERRA, for their deepest understanding at this time, and my agent & friend Erica. But above all I would like to thank everyone who has dedicated even a single minute to me, listening to me, dancing to my music, being part of my life. I will not forget it! See you soon!”

Check the full post on her own Instagram page: